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We are active since five years ago, with tens of books made around the world. ( English books) or (all languages) are virtual shops accessible every where. The books have a fix price quoted in US dollars. On site, a single or more copies can be ordered. According to the weight of the books and proximity to the destination country the delivery cost will be calculated and added. In principle, even only one book can be ordered. The author is credited with 60% - 80% of the profit. We also produce ebooks, the electronic file that can be read on mobile phones, tablets, computers etc. In this case the selling price of the book goes down to 2 – 3 US dollars. The printed format is A5 or a little different for the american/world market. SAGA Publishing is doing the work of editing, pagination, book covers and in the end the PDF file that is uploaded on or This PDF file is sent to the author and can be used to print in Nigeria, in local printing companies to avoid the burden of the transportation costs. For its work, ISBN, editing, colored cover and uploading on LULU/AMAZON, SAGA's fees are between 120 – 150 US dollars depending on the complexity of the product ( for A5 books format, 100 – 250 pages). For art albums or children books there will be a specific offer based on your product details. Saga will advertise your book (free) on Facebook or (at a cost) in the local newspapers. The link to the book can be sent by you, the author, to whoever you may wish in your country or worldwide.

Mrs. Carmen Onuorah is our representative in Nigeria and you can contact her for any necessary details.



We represent Saga Publishing, based in Israel, active for more than five years in the production of books in fields like poetry, novels, arts, history, children books, art albums and ebooks, etc. We edit and print books in English, Hebrew and Romanian language. Our books are sold on and anywhere in the world. Mrs.Carmen Onuorah is our representative in Nigeria. We are searching for distribution and sales networks, our prices are accessible and permit a good commission for the distributor. We are proposing a period of market evaluation for our products. Our topics are of great interest for people of culture, artists, parents, educators and children, and also the general public fond of quality literature.


Editura SAGA - în limba română și engleză 

Reprezentăm Editura SAGA din Israel, care funcționează de peste 5 ani în producerea de cărți de poezie, artă, istorie, romane, cărți pentru copii, albume de artă ,ebooks, etc. Redactăm și tiparim cărți în limbile română și engleză. Cărțile noastre sunt vândute pe și, oriunde în lume. Doamna Carmen Onuorah este partenera noastră în Nigeria. Căutăm rețele de distribuție și vânzare, prețurile noastre sunt modeste și permit adăugarea unui câștig frumos distribuitorului. Propunem o perioada de testare a pieții și a produselor noastre. Subiectele noastre interesează oameni de cultură, artiști, părinți și copii cât și publicul general doritor de calitate. 

Saga Publishing

We provide editing and publishing your stuff , adding graphics, photos etc and placing your finished work on Amazon,, in order to sell it all over the world. Low prices, fast service. Please contact us !


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Phone : +972 545 75 1946
Adress :  SAGA is located in ISRAEL, but we have happy clients from 4 continents...

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